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The Armenian Ghost in Turkey

Guillaume Perrier, Laure Marchand

Journalists discuss the events in Istanbul that inspired their book Turkey and the Armenian Ghost.


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April 2016

The Armenian Ghost in Turkey

Journalists and authors, Laure Marchand and Guillaume Perrier speak about their first encounter with Turkey’s hidden Armenian past upon their arrival in Istanbul in 2005. The tensions that fueled Turkey’s first open and official academic debate of the Armenian Genocide and the events that followed over the ten years in which they lived and worked in the country as foreign correspondents, inspired their award-winning book Turkey and the Armenian Ghost. Here, they touch upon the major themes of their book and the “ghosts” of hidden Armenians who have lived in the shadow of a government in denial of its past for the last one hundred years.

Produced by AGBU WebTalks in partnership with the Zoryan Institute.

Guillaume Perrier is a French journalist and writer. He was a correspondent for Le Monde in Turkey from 2005 to 2014 and covered all major events in the region. Laure Marchand is a French journalist and writer. She was Le Figaro's correspondent in Istanbul from 2006 to 2014. Together they co-authored La Turquie et le Fantôme Arménien (Turkey and the Armenian Ghost) (Actes Sud), an award-winning book translated into Turkish (Iletisim, 2014) and English (McGill-Queen’s University Press) on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide in April 2015.

Topics: Current Affairs Genocide