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The Genocide of Pontic Greeks and Assyrians

Bernard Coulie

Dr. Coulie on the systematic extermination of Pontic Greeks and Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire.


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December 2018

The Genocide of Pontic Greeks and Assyrians

While the Armenians were the primary target of the 1915 Genocide perpetrated by the Young Turk regime, there were other Christian minorities in the Ottoman Empire who fell victim to similar policies of extermination. Here, Dr. Bernard Coulie examines the genocide of the Empire’s Pontic Greek and Assyrian populations, who, in the years between 1915-1923, underwent a process of confiscations, deportations and massacres much like the Armenians.

Dr. Bernard Coulie is a professor of Byzantine studies, Armenian and Georgian studies, and European culture and identity at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, where he has also served as Rector of the University and Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. Dr. Coulie holds a PhD in classics and oriental studies and has completed post-doctoral studies at the Dumbarton Oaks Center for Byzantine Studies (Harvard University) and the University of Vienna.

Topics: Current Affairs Genocide