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Aleppo and the Impact of the Syrian War on Armenian Communities

Khatchig Mouradian

Dr. Mouradian examines the far-reaching implications of the destruction of community life Syria.


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February 2017

Aleppo and the Impact of the Syrian War on Armenian Communities

The experience of Armenian communities in Syria is intricately and inseparably tied to the experience of all Syrians. In this video, Dr. Khatchig Mouradian considers how the war has irreversibly altered the fabric of society in Aleppo and cities all around Syria and why this destruction of community life has had a profound impact not only on the Armenian communities immediately effected by the war but diaspora communities all around the world that have looked to it for intellectual and cultural nourishment.

Dr. Khatchig Mouradian is a visiting professor at the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies (MESAAS) at Columbia University. He has taught courses on imperialism, mass violence, human rights, concentration camps, urban space and conflict in the Middle East, and collective memory at Rutgers University, Worcester State University, and California State University-Fresno. He is the author of several articles and book chapters, including, most recently, “The Meskeneh Concentration Camp, 1915-1917: A case study of power, collaboration, and humanitarian resistance during the Armenian Genocide,” Journal of the Society of Armenian Studies, Vol. 24 (2015); and “Genocide and Humanitarian Resistance in Ottoman Syria, 1915-1916,” Études arméniennes contemporaines, Vol. 7 (2016).

Topics: Current Affairs Genocide